Michael A. Daniel
Cynthia Harris
Mark Smutka
Ping-Yu Liu, Ph.D.

Mr. Daniel has more than 30 years of regulatory, clinical, and quality experience and has been a consultant for multiple medical device companies over the past 25 years.

Mr. Daniel is President of Daniel and Daniel Consulting, a leading West Coast medical device consulting firm that helps venture capital and angel funded companies bring products to market through the effective management of clinical study and regulatory processes.

He has familiarity with a broad range of medical devices, including: implantable heart assist devices (Novacor), in vitro diagnostics (SKD), in vivo diagnositic and imaging devices (Mauna Kea Technologies), endometrial resection/ablation devices (FemRx), coronary and peripheral catheters (LuMend, FHT, Kerberos), coronary anastomotic devices (Coalescent), left atrial appendage clips (LAAx) and general surgical implantable clips (Coalescent), wound and incision closure devices (ZipLine), implantable bronchial valves (Emphasis), gastrointestinal (GERD) and bariatric devices (Endogastric Solutions), vascular access devices (Vascular Pathways), femoral access closure devices (Cardiva), ENT devices (SinuSys), and arthroscopic, endoscopic, and percutaneous robotics (Intuitive Surgical, Hansen Medical, NeoGuide, ROBODOC).

Mr. Daniel holds a BS in Microbiology from Michigan State University, a MS in Biology from the Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT) and a MBA from the University of California, Berkeley.